Thursday, September 17, 2015


Written by Baba Buntu

THE FACE OF CHANGE. ~ Today we were invited by Bavubuka Dynasty (a Revolutionary Hip-Hop community) to facilitate a dialogue on Empowerment of Self, Family and Community. And we were graced by the presence of true souljah-hood. These young Afripreneurs expressed no fear as they embarked on a break-ya-neck conversation on Afrikan truth, honesty and presence. From white supremacy to religious terrorism to Euro-extreme education to western-centric patriarchy to honorable manhood.

What you see on the faces here is “being-present-in-me”; a place too many young Afrikan men are denied and too many don’t know how to create. We have become so used to the mimicry of performed, colonized manhood that we think it is normal. And end up living through so many broken pieces that when we finally are confronted with The Real Black Man within – we realize that we don’t know him well. And that it may take a life time to restore him.

But – once that journey begins, a new Afrika emerges. A new way of relating to Sisters becomes possible. A wholesome fatherhood a necessity. The breakdown of systemic oppression a commitment.

Give thanks to Babaluku and his family for setting up this space. And mad love, respect and honor to these Warrior Sons who grounded themselves deeper into the Afrikan soil that gave birth to their spirit. You are beyond inspiring

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