Sunday, September 13, 2015


Bavubuka Allstarz Foundation is indeed looking forward to these transformative times where so much wisdom is needed to regain our Dignity and sense of self-worth.

We would like thank brother Baba Buntu for having the heart and spirit to return and build with the Young Uganda Visionaries.

Below is his message to you all who stand in solidarity with Our Beloved Land.
"SHOUT-OUT AND BIG-UP TO THE YOUTH OF UGANDA: Massive respect to all cultural warriors, conscious change makers and workers for Afrikan Empowerment in Uganda. I can't wait to be with the family next week!
The link below documents some of the work I did before the projects I have developed in Azania (South Afrika). It is a collage of photos and music of AFRIKAN YOUTH IN NORWAY; a defining movement I helped to start there 20 years ago. Many of the youth who came up under this organization are today teachers, politicians, advisors, activists, cultural knowledge holders, writers, performers, specialists and change makers. And they know very well who they are – and what they are not. They represent Mama Afrika everywhere they go. Big up to all members, leaders, supporters and believers. Afrika is VERY possible.
I am posting this to inspire every Afrikan (especially youth!) who have just started a project and feels demotivated due to lack of support. Do NOT wait for endorsement, validation, standing ovations and big prices. Working to elevate Afrikan consciousness is HARD, and will remain hard for a long time. Do NOT doubt the idea planted in your mind. March forward with militant conviction. Listen deeply – and you will hear the words of support you need; coming from right inside. You are chosen. Keep walking! See you soon!"

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