Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Rapper Hustla Jay challenges President Uhuru to do more for arts

Mombasa-based hip hop artiste and art activist Husla Jay has put President Uhuru Kenyatta's government to task over what he refers to as utter "neglect" of arts.

Known for his hit Continental Scars, and for his activism for hip hop and other forms of creative arts, Hustla has told the government to respect the Kenyan Constitution, that demands for its commitment in the promotion of arts.

He says that for a long time, the burden of blame has been on deejays, radio/TV presenters and the artistes/artists, as they are constantly accused of not doing more for arts, while the government sits pretty, doing nothing.

"Why do we blame DJs, presenters, artistes and some stakeholders when the government is doing absolutely nothing to support arts?" he poses.

"Art is treated as unskilled profession and this is why great artistes/artists die poor," he continues. "Our Constitution recognises Arts under Chapter 11. It recognises culture as the foundation of the nation and as the cumulative civilisation of the Kenyan people and nation.

"In that light, the State is mandated to promote all forms of national and cultural expression through literature, the arts, traditional celebrations, science, communication, information, mass media, publications, libraries and other cultural heritage.

"It's very painful to see how some great artistes/artists in Kenya continue to struggle in life while others die as paupers.

"We demand the government to do more for this vital sector of economy."

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