Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Obumu Media Collective

By Scott Macklin
This video is a testament and document of the ground changing work of the participating youth in the Obumu Media Collective.

In March of 2014, Communication Leadership's Scott Macklin and Jonathan Cunningham (EMP) traveled to Kampala, Uganda to partner with the Bavubuka Foundation to create the Obumu Media Lab dedicated to hip-hop and digital media education. While there, we connected with and facilitating workshops for youth dedicated to community-centric storytelling, hip-hop journalism, video-editing and entrepreneurship.

In July, we partnered with One Vibe Africa to co-presents ZIWA, a collective multi-media experience (photography, video, music and painting) providing an intimate experience of the vibrant culture, people and landscape of sister countries, Kenya and Uganda. Inspired by the continuity of creativity of East African youth, this event at the 2312 Gallery showcases photos and art created by professionals alongside equally captivating images shot by youth. ZIWA is Kiswahili for "lake" and in this instance, represents Lake Victoria, which directly connects Kenya and Uganda.

A film by Scott Macklin and with additional footage provided by the Obumu Media Collective and What's Good 206.

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