Sunday, September 11, 2016

Indigenous HipHop & Sustainable Agriculture.

As the OBUMU  Family we are always pushing the envelope to show the power of Hip Hop in Africa designed from the spirit of it true Authentic Indigenous context. As we kick off our season this year to raise the bar for all indigenous Hip Hop Practitioners in Uganda, today we are making history once again Introducing the first ever Indigenous Hip Hop Farmers Market. We would like to thank all the mothers from the market and the youth who are dedicating their time and commitment to bridging the gap between the youth and elders creating new space for both healing and restoring our generation through a shared wisdom that strengthen our vision of the trans formative change we all want to see and be apart of in our villages cities and towns. Thanks to The Davis Peace Project , Kalamazoo College Arcus Center for Social Justice Leadership and Bavubuka Allstarz Foundation for believing in the future of indigenous Hip Hop Practitioners in Uganda. We would also like to appreciate - the youth movement involved in this history making experience - Talanta Youth Movement-TYM, Tandika Esaawa , 256 Youth Platform Youthplatform Platform, Tontoma Youth Community - TYC and the Dorcus Project Uganda.

 You all present us a new opportunity of exploring the authentic truth within encouraging our youth to reconnect to Our Beloved Land and the Elders Wisdom. Respect to the The UG - Hiphop - Archivist for sponsoring the covering of this historical gathering.

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