Thursday, September 13, 2012


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Bavubuka Foundation celebrates history once again! As social enterprise Ujamaah and public relations firm The Five Agency embark on their ground-breaking inaugural collaboration and launch one of Uganda’s cutting edge designers, Kaswear, at Vancouver Fashion Week 2012.  Ujamaah’s purpose is to integrate people and their passions to powerfully uplift economic prosperity for all; The Five Agency’s intention is to create, promote and sustain an arts community that looks beyond itself and gives back.  This debut collaboration is the perfect manifestation of the two companies missions in action.

The Bavubuka Foundation, led by Babaluku, is the same unique creative Hip Hop community that brought you Hip Hop in indigenous languages known as the Luga Flow Movement. Now they are breaking the mold and taking Indigenous creative power to the international stage with a new movement coined The Urban Indigenous Lifestyle. Ras Kasozi, the fashion creative director for Bavubuka Dynasty and the founder of Kas Wear, will be traveling to Vancouver, Canada to represent Uganda at this years fashion olympics at Vancouver Fashion Week. Vancouver Fashion Week is a semi-annual event that is acclaimed as the West Coast's most prestigious industry event. It thrives on inviting the most creative and dynamic talent and features established emerging designers. It is a one-of-a-kind event that continuously brings together buyers, media, celebrities, industry professionals and innovative designers from around the world to celebrate creativity and fashion. With diversity and multiculturalism as part of their core values VFW’s semi-annual event has been host to a range of collections from street wear to eco-friendly garments.  This year's event will be graced by Kas Wear's true representation of Uganda through his URBAN INDIGENOUS COLLECTION. 

Inspired by the current economical situation in Uganda and across the globe, this collection looks to inspire and empower its wearer through innovative and colorful design and durability. In this collection Kas Wear showcases how the dynamic use of African fabrics turns the body into a walking canvas giving it’s wearer the confidence to be original, colorful and stylish at the same time. As global economic conditions begin to place financial restraints on our ability to express ourselves through our clothing expressing your individual style has become an expensive luxury.  This is especially true in Uganda where we are exposed to the trends and fashions of western culture but have no way of accessing it or giving it our own flavor. The Urban Indigenous collection is the solution, allowing its wearer to create a fusion between Western and Indigenous flavors. Each piece of the collection is hand crafted to celebrate Ugandan and African heritage and the design and shape elements of Western culture.  The impeccable original designs are also durable and long lasting sound economical investment for both Africans and the rest of the world.  The use of dual purpose items like the KasWear handbag/blazer allows the wearer to feel confident making the transition from work to play and it is easy, affordable and fashionable.  The collection aims at allowing people to see fashion, art and empowerment as a solid investment, thus creating a cost effective fashion solutions. 

This collection is also inspired by Kasozi’s own life experience. Growing up and moving through the urban communities in Uganda he is inspired by the Ugandan people. Their pride, their bodies, forms and their ability to be as durable and effective as they can be given their climate and social restraints.  Ugandans have the ability to stay positive through all forms of diversity  They are a happy and welcoming people, why can’t their clothes and products also represent that strength and endurance?  The Urban Indigenous Collection is art in movement and represents the beauty and diversity of the African form.

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