Thursday, July 30, 2015


Gratitude to the Judges and the whole Kalamazoo College Arcus Center for Social Justice Leadership team for opening up the gates for our truth, commitment, dedication, passion and energy to be acknowledged in such a powerful ways.

As the First ever indigenous Hip Hop grassroots Organization / Movement in Uganda, we celebrate a decade of creating Innovative Unconventional platforms to restore, heal, awaken, Unify, resource and Amplify the youth Voice through our Luga Flow transformative practices of reconnecting our generation to it's authentic truth and expression.
The powerful impact on the Music Industry and on the culture of the arts in Uganda have been forever changed by the ever growing uniques indigenous hip hop expressions breeding a colourful celebrated access to liberating education and community transformation.

 These are the times to rally our youth as Builders of the Land AFRICA IS NOW .
Lets get Back To The Source through the OBUMU spirit always unifying our young warriors souls at the B-Global Indigenous Hip Hop Gathering - we can wait to share and celebrate as 2015 continues to round up with this level of greatness and Experience -

Babaluku Silas "Growing up in Canada and making a commitment to return to my native land wasn't a easy task but i knew earlier on that to each challenge there would be a greater reward. so to all the youth who inspire me and have kept me hopeful to strive and never give up this ones for you - I had just returned from Uganda when my comrade and mentor brother Mazi Mutafa tagged me on a link with many other peers to take action on submitting an application for this prize. During my stay in New York I remember asking my warrior comrade C-a Ok to lock my self in one of the rooms in her space and pulling out my I phone to create this Ten minute Video, which i have continued to watch over and over ever since due to how clear and profound the spirit of what we have been doing and continue to aspire to accomplish came through. I have to say that this lesson of listening and following your inner source of truth regardless how much pain and destruction or are walls crumbling down in front of your face has been one of my most foundational blessings and value of overstanding that when its at its worst it's when you have to actually be more willing to stand attentively and dedicated to walking through the FIRE alone- This year has been very tough for me with many series of events creating set backs but the light hasn't deemed a bit knowing the battle set a head but affirming the principle truth of The WAR we will win - and i say we because though i stride solo in higher place of challenges it has always been the we factor that has grown us this far - so at this moment i will congratulate you all those who have supported me positively and much more those who have challenged me Negatively for i will always maintain that TRUTH that TOGETHER WE RISE - with the OBUMU spirit - so this journey here will be to celebrate the new generation of BUILDERS inspiring me every day to holistically focus on the needs of our next generation and do my best to bridge the gap with those in position to support the visions and creation of sustainable platforms to celebrate, nurture and build our communities."

Monday, June 15, 2015

East Van Summer Jam Celebrates Bavubuka Foundation

The East Van Summer Jam is a main fundraising event organized by non-profit organization, The Music Tree. EVSJ fosters community growth by bringing people together to celebrate East Vancouver arts and culture, while dedicating 100% of profits to sustainability projects and music programs for at-risk youth. By committing 50 % of the proceeds to partner organizations in Kenya and Uganda we strive to foster an international network of community building.

Music all year around Gratitude goes out to brother Aaron Ross and the whole The Boom Booms family for always connecting and spreading love to support and stand in solidarity with the Bavubuka Allstarz Foundation. Over time we have seen the growth of artists investing and putting back in their communities locally and internationally but i can't thank my Vancouver Artists Community enough for their love, support, guidance and encouragement that has sustained our Youth movement Organization for the past 10 years of commitment to seed young creative leaders both in Canada and Uganda. We are very delighted and Glad to be apart of this continued Growth - Click on the link below Get your ticket with love in celebration of UNITY in our Community. OBUMU SPIRIT....

T H E - B E A U TI FU L - P E O P L E - M O V E M E N T - moments captured at the East Van Summer Jam 2014 - see you all at this years celebration East Van Summer Jam 2015 at Strathcona Park - Vancouver, BC - Get you and your family the summer time truth worth energy Tickets to celebrate with the The Boom Booms family - Bavubuka Allstarz Foundation is proud to be apart of this beautiful Vancouver Revolutionary Progressive Artists community -

Monday, June 1, 2015

Babaluku Represent Luga Flow at Madaraka festival 2015

Much love to professor Scott Macklin #OBUMU Spirit comrade for bringing so much love and joy during this beautiful Madaraka Festival - 2015 Day

Representing where you from definitely has a reward when you are genuine in your works many years ago you could have dreamt of such a beautiful tribe growing to support our young generation in the continent. Much love to One Vibe Africa family the whole Back To The Source movement for standing and staying true to your vision United we grow - AFRICA IS NOW

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Babaluku to represent at Madaraka Festival - 2015

Madaraka festival 2015
One Vibe Africa and EMP Museum present the 2nd Annual Madaraka Festival, a night of music and purpose. Madaraka Festival is a creative collaboration among Seattle artists in support of One Vibe Africa’s Music and Art Program, based in Kisumu, Kenya.

Now more than ever, youth in Kenya are in need of the artistic encouragement and experiences offered by One Vibe Africa. Madaraka Festival provides the resources for these vital artistic exchanges. Hundreds of youth are now participating in One Vibe Africa’s programs in Kenya as a direct result of the collaboration between Seattle artists involved in Madaraka Festival.

Performing Artists:

Don’t miss spectacular musical performances by Owuor Arunga (One Vibe's Global Ambassador, Madaraka Festival Musical Director, and trumpeter for Macklemore & Ryan Lewis), Blitz the Ambassador, Sauti Sol,Babaluku, M1 of DeadPrez, among other renown artists from Seattle and Africa. 

Art Show:
Madaraka Festival art show features original work by students and teachers from Kisumu, and select pieces from Pacific Northwest artists. The artwork will be by the entrance to the Sky Church.

The successful 2014 festival initiated international cultural exchange between Kenya, and Seattle while achieving unanticipated benefits, including:

• Inspired creative collaboration between Africans and African-Americans in Seattle.
• Showcased the best African oriented concert dubbed: “ a night to remember” by Northwest Music Scene, “a premier African-influenced festival” by YES Magazine, and “globally oriented event” by Humanosphere.

Madaraka is an all ages event.

For more info:

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Celebrating Hip Hop Appreciation Week in Uganda

Hip Hop Appreciation Week celebrations in Uganda. Join us as we celebrate you all Globally for the works and encourage to keep building strong rooted foundations.

We can't wait for the builders RETREAT already so see you all at out next gathering During the Second Hip-Hop on the NILE Back To The Source Experience - This years BGLOBAL SUMMIT IS DEDICATED TO YOU ALL! - the BUILDERS we appreciate you passion and love for you people and our communities we represent! OBUMU SPIRIT forward!

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Babaluku talks about the voice the youth possess through Tedx

Chano8 catches up with Babaluku as he talks about the voice the youth possess through Tedx Kampala

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Back To the Source Movement

The B-Global Indigenous Hip Hop Gathering family is gearing up for a scene shifting experience for the 2014 season this is a Public Service Announcement - If you are a true hip hop builders within Uganda Kenya Tanzania Burundi Rwanda Congo and all our other surrounding family in the east west and south you are indeed welcome to reach out and find out more on how you can be apart of this historical conversation thats designed by builders and scene shifters committed to advancing and growing the authentic indigenous hip hop voices of the continent - we are welcoming our global family to also tune in and connect with the true energy of transformation hosted live at the source - This years theme of our gathering is BACK TO THE SOURCE - come and experience the powerful young African visionaries Changing Africa one community at a time! - AFRICA IS NOW - much love to Words Beats & Life Merita Movement OBUMU MEDIA LAB family Free Nation - Bavubuka Dynasty Bavubuka Allstarz Foundation Yolé!Africa Project Blue Hands Society NegusWorld and many more movements who continue to inspire and support the work we do to lead educate and economically empower our generation through the activation of CREATIVE CAPITAL ! look out for more announcements - DEC 21st - to 26th will indeed mark another historical experience for the indigenous hip hop community in Uganda and East Africa - The first hip hop retreat designed to celebrate and encourage you but also equip you with tools to build on the strength!


Creating a leadership educational platfrom for creative and innovative young people to express their indigenous hip hop voices through Hip Hop Kulture in Uganda with a shared global perspective
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