ABATUUZE (meaning THE PEOPLE in English) is a HIP HOP group which was formed in 2009 by 3 Ugandan underground HIP HOP emcees BURNEY (WALAKIRA RICHARD), FASIE (NAKIRANDA HASIFA) & 4EVER (OKIROR EMMANUEL) After being insipired by the legendary HIP HOP group BATAKA squad. Being born from the home of the originators of LUGA FLOW (HIP HOP in UGANDA) BAVUBUKA ALL*STARZ, ABATUUZE first primarily aimed at building a strong strategy from the underground.By so doing, ABATUUZE started representing on different Platforms, Ghetto concerts, Urban events, Youth projects & Festivals. Throughout these movements, ABATUUZE recognized the civic value of LUGA FLOW (Breathing new life into our communities) it's a critical tool for social change. So we are aiming at Using LUGA FLOW as a tool to facilitate open communication & to educate the general population about social issues hence transformation of lives & empowering the people, we are dedicated at using our voices to pass on the positive message to UGANDA, AFRICA & all over the WORLD.
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Trained by Bataka Squad's hip hop legendary crew pioneer Babaluku, Bavubuka allstarz, Abatuuze group indeed led the way for many young hip hop enthusiasts to gain confidence not only in Emceeing, but also introducing creative ways of using the art of hip hop through various practises such as The Freestyle Fellowship, Bavubuka hip hop Improve theater, and most importantly Organizing indigenous hip hop gathering to uplift, educate and share with on another their passion of exploring creative avenues to continue growing hip hop In Uganda.

Through Various hip hop works shops Abatuuze members sharpened their skills of writing, story telling, the art of counting 16 bars to the art of freestyles and performing. This made them the first young indigenous hip hop professional in Uganda who left memorable impression any where they performed let be on the streets, festival, or big stages. through the support of family and friend who support Bavubuka Foundation this young group was able to establish a following that had an international appeal. Hence there members were the first ever in Uganda's history to represent Uganda at the World Finals of  MC Challenges Organized by END OF THE WEAK New York which was hosted in Berlin Germany.

When you follow your passion and truthfully believe in your self dreams do come true. Burney MC a Bavubuka Foundation MC leader and Cyno MC - the second end of  the weak Uganda Mic Champion both testify to the impact of how indigenous emcees transformed their live through various opportunities that were offered by the Global hip hop family. Babaluku Introduced END OF THE WEAK to Uganda after meeting with Amy hume in  Brooklyn New York, who was curious to find out how this platform can be activated to expand end of the weak New York's vision to africa. From their desire to explore ways to show these young hip hop community that the world was very much interested in celebrating them, Bavubuka Foundation Official paved the way for the  genesis of the first ever Hip hop competition in Uganda that was designed to celebrate all indigenous languages.

Bavubuka Allstarz Emcee leader / End Of the Weak Uganda leader's moment of history with the Duck Down Family at Splash Festival in Berlin

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