Friday, May 18, 2012


Bavubuka Art Work Shops

In the spirit to improve art skills and visual expression Bavubuka Art workshops commenced led by   Isabellah Thorsel together with her other friends from Sweden.

The first workshop took place on 20th Feb 2010 which sponsored and led by Isabella Thorsel together with her friens from Sweden.

The morning  started when Brian & Isabellah went purchase necessary art requirements for the workshop like art brushes, pencils, sketch papers and colour dylons.

After a long, tiresome journey looking for art necessities Isabellah & Brain finally reach at the Bavubuka House where they found other bvk members cleaning and preparing the space where the workshop took place.

Slowly the bavubuka came to attend the workshop simultenous. The workshop was attended by anyone who showed interest with the likes of Emcees, poets, photographers, bavubuka kids
Workshops like these have given  many youth people opportunities to express themselves, and to stress out the points & views that they might have felt shy to talk about.

Look out for more workshops. Just pass by the Bavubuka Premises and join the zone of artisrty and creative mind.

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