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What is KONY2012?
“That cult of fear was immortalized earlier this month when the film “Kony 2012” went viral on the Internet. But long before Mr. Kony, people in northern Uganda were preyed upon — by the armies of King Leopold of Belgium, the dictator Idi Amin, and later Ugandan governments. Violence is an enterprise that does not involve one man or his organization alone, no matter how cruel” Angelo Izama, NYTimes

“Kony 2012 'gives impression Uganda is still at war', says Ugandan PM Amama Mbabazi
For the Movie screening in Gulu as reported by Ajazeera, Malcom Webb
“Towards the end of the film, the mood turned more to anger at what many people saw as a foreign, inaccurate account that belittled and commercialized their suffering, as the film promotes Kony bracelets and other fundraising merchandise, with the aim of making Kony infamous.”
One woman told Webb that Kony 2012 campaign was like selling Osama bin Laden paraphernalia after the 9/11 attacks.

By the end of the half-hour screening, some audience members were throwing rocks and shouting abuse at the screen, Webb writes. “The rest fled for safety, leaving an abandoned projector, with organisers and the press running for cover until the dust settled.”
What do Young people from Uganda say? Was the campaign a geopolitical gimmick to trick people's minds all over the world?
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