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Support Bavubuka Road trips for the Regional Forums in Uganda

at one of the community  out reach


Our Story

Since 2005, we have been committed to impacting a generation of young people. As young people who have had the opportunity to see what the western wold has to offer as well as have much exposure to the power of ignited minds living and working in community; it became apparent and vitally important that we create space and a platform for the youth of Uganda to learn, grow and thrive in a community of creative expression and indigenous truth. Through music, film, photography, media, fashion and art the Bavubuka Foundation has determined to impact Uganda and it's future in a life giving way. We believe in transformation and celebration, bringing and connecting the youth of today to the beauty of yesterday while bridging the technology gap and embracing a prosperous future. Physical, mental and spiritual growth is at the forefront of our mission.
Our Brand is about Truth, Community Impact and Positive Change.
Our Founder Silas and our leadership development team has embarked on a Journey to three village on a Truth and Foundation tour. The project is to groom, prepare and equip community leaders in each village to continue their work and impact their communities in a life giving way.
Our team will be visiting the towns of Jinja, Gulu, and Mbale in Uganda East Africa. Every dollar raised will go towards transportation to and from each town, supplies for the workshops, food and accommodations for 5. We need to raise $3500 USD to maximize our impact and ensure a successful mission.

The Impact

With every workshop we have been able to successfully put on we have seen many transformations within the youth of those communities and the villages at large. Young people respond with vigor and enthusiasm to the programs we teach. Many return with friends and parents and that is when the real impact begins because parents for maybe the first time ever see their children ignited with passion to achieve, excel and become leaders among their peers. Every year we do not have the opportunity to return we lose momentum and are unable to provide the community leaders the necessary support. Our commitment is to see each community we work with flourish and that is why we dare to dream big and include all our friends and partners in all our planning and efforts to see real positive change take form in Uganda. We strongly believe that each youth has the power to change, impact and transform their circle of influence. That is where we need your help. Stand with us and lets truly make a difference.

What We Need & What You Get

For this Journey on the Truth Express Our Budget is as follows:
(all contributions go directly to the trip)
The first leg of the trip is to Gulu Town (Northern Uganda
3 Nights
Transportation costs - $500
Accommodation - $250
Food - $250
Seminar/Workshop - $150

Then onto the second stop to the town of Jinja aka Stone City
3 Nights
Transportation costs - $350
Accommodation - $250
Food - $250
Seminar/Workshop - $150

The last stop of the Trek will be the town of Mbale
3 Nights
Transportation costs - $400
Accommodation - $250
Food - $250
Seminar/Workshop - $150
Trip incidentals - $300
As you can see its pretty straight forward, we are looking to make an everlasting impact on these communities and this i just the beginning of great things to come. This is the first time we are looking outwards for funding. We have always invested our all on these trips but now is the time to do more. We have a responsibility to do it right.

If we dont reach our intended goal we will as always do as much as we can. if it means we only go to two of the villages the work must continue. We will be still continue the work we are currently engaged in at the Bavubuka House in Kampala city, however this Journey is vitally important to the framework of the next phase of our development goals as an Organization. We thank you for all your consideration and support in advance.

We are filming the Journey in the hopes of publishing a documentary about our work in Uganda and as a perk your contribution and help will be gratefully accepted and we wil give you an honorable mention on the said documentary.

Other Ways You Can Help

Check us out at,, Facebook: Bavubuka Allstarz, Bavubuka Army;follow the founder at babaluku uganda on facebook. Please share forward and like this campaign with your friends and loved ones and lets make a change for the better in the lives of the next generations of leaders.

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